Thursday, July 22, 2010

Facts About Ziad

1- Ziad was born on: November 8th 1969 so he is 41 years old contrary to the 39 years age that was written in all articles and reports on the net.
2- He is father of Three not Four.

Here we start

It's unpredictable how death might steel our happiness or our dearest ones and wake us up from our sorrows to a nightmare as life can never be the same without the existence if those who form the most part of it...

Many of us live for a cause, few die for it, others die trying but it differs what the cause is, as some people or groups intentions to destroy the globe while thinking that they are doing the greatest good for humanity, while others intentions to build love sanity and great humanity.

Many people don't understand the difference between right and light as they cann’t differentiate between peoples right of having a peaceful life in their homeland standing up against their invaders or terrorism, believe you me that 60 yrs of struggle has grown much hatred deeply inside each one of us and every house in the middle east has raised a black flag above its walls mourning the loss of its dearest ones or relatives and how many times we stood and said we are neutral, but our neutrality didn't doesn't and will never save us extremism of both parts involving in this struggle or our losses as 100s might attend a funeral but only few up to a hands count would realize how expensive is life loss.

No matter what I may say, I would never reach the true description of this man and I'd never find the true words that would tell his character, beliefs, and intentions .

Living in a world where we are all targeted either for nationality or religion and if we performed our religious duties we would be described as terrorists while the international world is preserving silence during the raise of the death count on hourly basis is one of the reasons we lost Ziad for a Palestinian in Palestine would be executed in a court of law if captured with “pen”, what if he was driving his car to visit his family members.

Before the “jihad” that is widely known as “raising arms”, which is in certain agendas an act of terrorism despite the causes and the philosophies, we have another type of jihad, which is feeding and looking after our family members, and looking after their needs, support and educate them, that's the one and only kind of “jihad” Ziad believed in ??

"A terrorist" is a sticker glued to any victim of crusuality to justify the killing of innocents??

It takes a long lifetime hard work to raise a family and moments to steal the happiness of a family and its future. Once a happy family can never be that happy again, as Ziad’s face will not smile and his loud laughter will never be heard except while we are seeking and flipping the memories.

His anger never outraged an escalation to terminate others life path due to loss of his or his brothers in humanity or in land, he is wise enough to study each and every word action or behavior before attempting regardless his beliefs, his family and wife meant the world to him and raising a peaceful family yes it makes a difference in this world of hatred and racism, but still it counts now?
Now as I lost him, we lost him, I ask, being neutral and human full of love to everyone has cost Ziad his life and millions before him, what difference it makes when we are all tagged and targeted.

p.s. kindly save me the judgment, I wrote it and didn't even have time to revise it.